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A safe harbor to rest in
when the burden gets too heavy to carry alone.

Hi! I'm Emily. If you live in North Carolina and are seeking a warm, safe space to explore online therapy, EMDR, or simply need a place to let it all out without the judgment of friends and family, you're in the right spot.

Having struggled with anxiety, depression, and trauma in my own journey, I've been in your shoes. I understand what it's like to feel suffocated by the responsibilities of family, school, career, and the world at large. Whether you're wrestling with anxiety, stumbling through the depths of depression, or carrying the weight of childhood experiences, know that you're not alone. Together, we'll navigate these waters.

And for couples in Durham, NC, and beyond looking to strengthen their bond, I'm here to guide you. Marriage counseling or intensive couples therapy doesn't have to be daunting. Let's make it an enriching, joyful journey that brings you and your partner back into belonging and connection with one another.

I'm here to craft a tailored therapy plan just for you. We've got options and will work together to create a blend of trusted methods such as EMDR, challenging and replacing anxious or depressive thoughts, learning specific, easy-to-implement coping skills, and practicing communication techniques that will help you feel ready to start living again - fast.

Serving folks from Raleigh to Charlotte, and all those cozy nooks in between, including Durham, Asheville, Boone, Fayetteville, Greensboro, and Wilmington. Even if you're nestled in a rural corner of the state, I'm here for you.

New clients are welcome. Need a chat as soon as tomorrow? Let's make it happen.

Looking forward to connecting and embarking on this journey with you,


counseling therapy for north carolina residents with trauma, anxiety, depression or seeking couples therapy

"The rising and falling tides of your life can feel overwhelming and impossible to navigate on your own - but you don't have to."

North Carolina Online Therapist

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